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Versatile web pages.
Take notes, write lists.
Share them and collaborate.
Then turn it in to a blog or web site.

On Mirror Island you can make your posts do many things. Build web pages, organise events, be in a group, or let people know where you are or what you are doing.

Fast From The Start

Everything has been designed to get your notes down or message out as fast as possible.

Use More Than Words

Include images and attachments when making posts to share photos and files. Attachments are also sent by email so your message always stays in one piece.

Compatible with Email

Send and receive emails directly from your posts so you can keep in contact with anyone, even if they're not members of this website.

Markdown Support

Write notes and documents in plain text using a simple, easy to use system and publish them in formatted HTML.

Choose Your Audience

We put the controls in your hands so you can keep the conversation on track. Post to others in groups, in private, or out in the open - it’s up to you.

Access Anywhere

All files and posts can be accessed on any device with network access, so you can take your notes, lists, photos and files wherevery you go.

Use It for Any Purpose

This project is available for any use including personal, commercial and government use.

100% Free Software

Also called "Open Source", the source code for this project is publicly available and licensed under the Affero GPL version 3.
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