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An Update On Recent Updates

For the past few weeks (and at this point in time) we have mainly been working on bug fixes rather than adding new features to Mirror Island. Our attention has been put towards building the network-connected text editor and note taker, Thoth.

One of the primary aims for Mirror Island was for it to connect to many different apps, depending on what services would be needed.

Thoth is the first component that will be able to edit and send notes to others either through this website or any email service. Attachments to notes will also be featured, so you can always use more than words to get your ideas across to others.

This project is currently in its alpha status, although it is capable of taking notes and editing text files stored on a computer.

Precompiled binaries including source, as well as news of updates at is available at

Alternatively, you can get the source code via git and read the build instructions at

--Sam and Janis
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